Evia Simon Says “Some Nigerian men still behave like villagers” Read to Find out Why


There is something Evia Simon thoroughly dislikes – a man who is unromantic. And for men who hold the view that women are the ones who are supposed to be romantic, the actress has got a description for them. They are behaving like village men!

In her interview with Sunday Scoop, Evia says: “Some Nigerian men are very romantic because of the western life they have been exposed to. On the other hand, some still behave like village men who believe that women should be romantic ones. I honestly cannot stand a man who is not romantic.”

Like several women, she opines that the widespread mentality about marriage, as being one of the highest achievements in life especially for ladies, is false.

According to Evia, people have varied interests; hence the untold pressures on persons to get married should not be encouraged.

“Marriage isn’t achievement if I must say, but there is a certain joy a woman has when she is married in our society,” she says. “At the same time, marriage isn’t for everybody. However, you can only know if it’s for you or not when you go into it.

“I don’t believe in divorce though. I advise people to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready before getting hooked. Don’t get married just because others are doing it.”


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